Overview & History

Company Introduction

Overview & History

Genesen’s mission is to discover and develop innovative drugs to improve the lives of people who suffer from diseases.


Genesen focuses on developing drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Genesen will develop innovative therapeutics and contribute to improve the lives of patients.
Corporate name Genesen Co., Ltd CEO Sung Ho Lee
Address 5F Samsung Daese Building, Teheran Street 524, Gangnamgu, Seoul
Establishment 2018. 07. 06. Main Business Development of a peptide-based autoimmune disease medicine


2019.05.01. Selected as a beneficiary of open-type laboratory construction project by Korean Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI)
2019.01.07. Venture Company Certificated
2018.11.30. Affiliated research center established
2018.09.06. Research department established
2018.08.22. Technology transfer with Ajou University completed
2018.07.06. Genesen Co., Ltd. established